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Surreal. Exciting. Life changing. You have waited nine months to hold, feed, and bond with your baby. Sometimes you have questions and need some reassurance. I can help. I have had the honor and privilege of assisting mothers and babies with breastfeeding for fifteen years as a Labor and Delivery nurse and as a Certified Lactation Consultant. I also had the profound experience of nursing my own three sons. Please call me today to set up a home visit so that I can help you nourish your baby. 


Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Private breastfeeding class - if you have questions - and there is SO MUCH information out there ! Facebook, twitter, your next door neighbor, your mother in law - I will provide you with research based information on topics such as "how is breast milk made ?" , " how to know if my baby is getting enough to eat?" , " how do I use a breast pump?" . ($ 200.00 )I am in network with Aetna and Emblem insurance plans .


Lactation Consultation

 Initial home visit - In the comfort of your own home, I will assess, evaluate and assist you and your baby on your breastfeeding journey. Together we will develop a plan to meet your goals and  I will  follow up with you via phone and email as needed to support you along the way. ($250.00) I am in network with Aetna and Emblem insurance plans. 

Follow up visit -For times when some additional guidance and reassurance may be necessary to reach your breastfeeding goals. ($175.00)
* $20 travel fee to Hudson county 

Praise for Nourish My Baby


Courtney, Wayne New Jersey

" Tara was a calming presence in the whirlwind of a breastfeeding frenzy. Who knew breastfeeding could be so challenging?! Tara immediately reassured us that as natural as it is, there is a learning curve. She worked with me, my husband and our little one, never losing her patience . Tara guided us through each step and developed a nursing plan that works for us, never lecturing or making us feel like we had failed. Her words of encouragement , knowledge and demeanor got us through rough first days as new parents and her follow up made us feel like we were not alone. Tara is a fabulous resource for every new parent!"

Nicole , Wayne New Jersey

"Being a new mom was awesome but it was also the time in my life where I had endless questions and uncertainty. I knew I wanted to nurse my son but when I got home from the hospital, it wasn't as simple as I thought. Tara was wonderfully helpful and because of her guidance I was able to exclusively nurse."

Tierney, Manalapan

"Tara is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend working with her if you can. She is patient, knowledgable, and cares about you. she worked with my twin boys and got both of them to breastfeed while also offering advice about other baby questions. As a first time mom with twins, I felt very lucky to have met Tara. "

Tangy, Haledon

"Tara responded quickly to my call. She gave me practical advice that was nurturing and supportive."

Natalie, Fairlawn

"After immense struggling trying to nurse my first born, I have held much anxiety around nursing my second. Tara has been so very supportive during this journey for me. Not only Is she incredibly knowledgable, she is also empathetic, nonjudgemental, warm, down to earth and an ally in your corner. I continue to meet with Tara for encouragement and support around my anxieties with my breastfeeding and building my confidence in my ability to nurse. She continues to provide mindful, calming perspective and presence, as well as , reassurance. I really couldn't have a better LC. She is part of my journey of successfully nursing and I am so thankful to have her support. I feel fortunate for her help and wholeheartedly, hands down, recommend her to anyone looking for support around breastfeeding! " 

Kevin Fung, Pompton Plains

" Tara is an amazing consultant and my wife and I are so glad we saw her when we did. She will address any concerns you may have and you'll leave with a wealth of knowledge and confidence. She is flexible with scheduling and will find a way to fit you in. We would recommend Tara to all parents. "


Stanford University School of  Breastfeeding Medicine - this site has wonderful videos for you  to view such as A Perfect Latch and Hand Expression . Watch as Dr. Jane Morton assist new moms like you with the techniques to facilitate comfort, help establish milk supply and ensure milk transfer.

Evidence based breastfeeding articles  for new families covering a multitude of topics such as signs of a good feed , pumping when turning to work, medications and mother's milk and so much more!

For decades, La Leche League has connected new mothers to each other to find support, reassurance and camaraderie.

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